What is Agora?

AGORA is a word of Greek origin denoting the marketplace where the populace gathered to exchange ideas and to attempt to solve the problems of life.
During the week of November 12-16, 2018, Ottawa Hills High School students will be taken out of the traditional classroom setting and offered a wide choice of alternative learning experiences. Teachers, students, and community members will share special talents and knowledge. Some students will venture out among people of foreign cultures, or varied backgrounds, and of different life styles. Experts from our community will help students learn about themselves as well as a variety of subjects beyond the curriculum. Career opportunities, fine art experiences, lifetime sports and leisure pursuits, multi-cultural and multi-ethnic issues, personal improvement programs, the sciences, the humanities, environmental issues, historical explorations, and many more areas will be explored.
The professional objective of AGORA Week is to encourage our students to participate in a variety of lifelong learning experiences and to view their future with a sense of global commitment and responsibility to the world community. Our goal is to foster a value for knowledge in the marketplace of life.

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